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What a problem!

My brain

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Present Perfect

Fill in with the Present Perfect
Ken: Let’s see what we______________________(already, take care of) and what still needs to be done.

Laura: Fine. I _____________________ (order) the food and flowers. _________ you _________ (see to) the drinks?

Ken: Sure, I _________. I _________ also _____________ (choose) the CDs.

Laura: Well, then we ______________________ (make) all the arrangements. Tell me, __________ you __________ (hear) from Paul? Is he coming? He ____________________ (not, call) to confirm yet.

Ken: I _________. He sent me an e-mail last night. He’ll make it.

Laura: Great! I ____________________ (not, see) him for ages.

Ken: He’s got some news, too. But, I’m not telling you anything.

Laura: Oh, tell me, please! I can’t wait till Saturday.

Ken: Oh, well then. He ________________ (get) engaged.

Laura: No!? You’re pulling my leg. When did that happen?

Ken: Two days ago. But, please, try to act surprised.

Laura: Don’t worry. I’m an expert. I _____________________ (have) a lot of practice over the years.

Ken: What do you mean?

Laura: Darling, a woman never tells her secrets.